August 1st, 2012


Stripey Sweater

There was some clamoring for More Pictures, so here is the finished Seekrit Project. This is my first (I think) project using multicolored handspun - I really like the way it looks, but I am never sure quite what to do with it, as multicolored yarn always seems to turn into much more of a jumble in the finished object than it is in the skein. But the answer (at least for my own aesthetics) seems to be "combine it with a solid", and the two-row stripe is great for all manner of color combinations (two-row striped ribbing is the Noro Scarf, which makes pretty much every multicolor look gorgeous).

Anyway, this is for greyautumnrain's almost-born. My camera was complaining about batteries, so this is a cell phone picture, which makes the variegation not very clear; you can imagine it from the picture of the yarn. I like the huge colored buttons, which play up the blues and yellows in the variegated yarn.