September 7th, 2012


Yarn Disaster!

I'm working on the "Like the Maile sweater, but bigger" sweater, and I have miscalculated the amount of yarn needed. Curses. I was close, but not close enough.

Then, it turns out that this is a Riduclously Obscure Yarn (Prism Saki in "Layers: Garnet". The "Layers" part is apparently new and experimental). I mean, I just bought it because it looked pretty - it's a deep shaded blackberry that is actually probably a little too dark for indoor lighting, oops. But my friend the internet has mostly failed me, except in that I got to talk to a yarn store person in Washington who explained that she had called the manufacturer and they had explained about the "new and experimental" part, and they didn't have any more in stock. They might dye some again some time.

So option one is to start calling yarn stores all over the country (including, admittedly, the one that I bought it). On the actual phone. Which I really don't like doing. Option two is to pull out the cuffs and the hem and replace them with another color (the one the previous Maile was made from would be both okay, colorwise, and thematically appropriate), recycle the yarn, and since that still probably won't be enough, do some of striping before the collar in the same color. My horrible photoshop suggests that this might not be a ridiculously terrible plan, but I don't know about the stripes.

The angel on my shoulder says I have to be good and call a bunch of yarn stores before I can fall back to option two. The devil says they won't have it, so I can be lazy, but the devil also says the light edging will look goofy. The devil also mocks my Photoshop, and I must admit she has a point. Though the buttons leaking through from the pink sweater kind of match the stitch markers on the blackberry sweater, which I think I should take as a good omen.

(I seem to have used "lazy" to mean "do a lot of work doing something complicated, rather than make some phone calls", so maybe that wasn't the right word. But it's definitely trying to get away with something.)
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