September 22nd, 2012


It Nearly Looks Intentional

I mentioned before having run out of yarn most of the way through this sweater. I did call the yarn store that sold me the yarn, but they were all out. I talked to a couple of other yarn stores - one called and talked to the manufacturer to order me some more, but then called me to tell me that the manufacturer isn't currently making this particular color right now. Another yarn store said they could find the manufacturer's phone number for me and suggested that asking them what stores they had sold this particular yarn to would work, and I suppose it might have worked to find the stores, but my one example of knowing the store hadn't helped, and counting on the yarn not having sold for months seemed unlikely (it's a really gorgeous color that the pictures do not do justice, because "dark" and "very saturated color" are hard to put in RGB.

I found someone on Ravelry who had used the yarn in two other projects, so she didn't have much left, but she was willing to send me what she had, and it was enough to finish the yoke, but not the collar. So the collar is in the original pink "Warroad" color. As you can see, hers was a different dye lot than mine - you can tell they're related, but mine is darker. But it makes a fine transition to the pink, such that I decided the cuffs and collar didn't need to be pink as well.

I'll go look for buttons Monday, but I had time tonight to fuss around with the scanner and Photoshop to paste a picture together, so you get a no-buttons version.