December 11th, 2012


Cabled Scarf

I finished my "don't need to look at the pattern" project; the other projects all require fighting with tirinian for the iPad (where my patterns live; paper is so last century). Okay, it's not like I don't win the fights, but it's still good to have an easy portable project.

This yarn was supposed to be a sweater for brilit's littlest, because I forgot I had already made him one , which meant that it was Speculative Yarn which I was not authorized for! (Authorization for speculative yarn is part of a project in motivating myself to exercise more through applied bribery). Happily, harrock decided that it was a good color and dibsed it for a scarf, making it Non-Speculative. And now it can go in the Pile of Christmas Knitting. Yay!

Garter stitch is kind of boring and not the most comfortable thing in the world, but the cable is reversible, so the whole scarf looks the same on both sides, which is a plus. And there's some cashmere in the yarn, so even garter stich should be kind of comfy.