January 6th, 2013


Mystery Shawl

This was my very first Mystery Knit-Along. For those who aren't knitters, this means you get a bunch of yarn, and the designer sends you "clues" one at a time, and you do the clues and post pictures of your progress to the group that's all doing it together. I liked the - hmm, it wasn't really "competitive", but it certainly wasn't "cooperative" either. There must be the right word for this - maybe sort of like doing a non-competitive race, like the Jingle Bell Run? Everyone's trying to do well and keep up with each other, and (I guess) nobody is saying I MUST BEAT THAT GUY IN FRONT OF ME OR I SUCK. Well, anyway, that mystery word is sort of what this was like, except that then I fell off at the last clue (the second half of the edging) because I decided I needed to knit another pair of Christmas socks. Like flaking out at the 8K mark. :)

Anyway. Here's a shawl. It's not a full laceweight, more like a light fingering, and very silky and soft and pettable. But... I don't know who it's for! I couldn't figure that out beforehand because I didn't know what it was going to look like, and I still don't know! Sometimes they're obvious (maybe it was only obvious to *me* that the one-winged swan was clearly desireearmfeldt and the peach blossoms were clearly tallou, but that's all the obvious I need), but this one still isn't obviously someone. I like the colors (well, that's why I picked them), but I already have the copper Tiong Bahru which fits the copper-brown-lace-shawl niche. Is there anyone out there who is saying "Ooooh! That is the shawl of my destiny!" ?