January 30th, 2013


Dex and Sandwiches

Walking to lunch with mjperson and Drew, we're talking about the relative efficiency of shticks versus stats in Dragon and other runs, and people who have "spiky" characters (just good at one thing), who complain when they're in circumstances where their one thing doesn't apply.

At lunch:

Drew: Hmm. Should I get the mushroom sandwich? It's so hard to eat, the mushroom keeps slipping out.
Me: So, you haven't bought your dex up, and you're whining to the GM...
Mike: ... that your computer programming doesn't apply to your eating roll!
Drew: I should build a robot to hold my sandwich for me. (He makes biting motions, as if eating a sandwich with no hands.)
Me: This is one of the funnier lunch conversations in a while.
Mike: Soon to appear on livejournal!
Me: But it's not a Mike story. I only tell Mike stories on livejournal.
Mike: I thought you told *funny* stories on livejournal.
Me: Well, it's mostly the same thing. You're the comic relief in my life. Nobody else goes to the airport and loses an elevator!
Mike: ..... (frowns)
Me: Okay, now it's a Mike story.

Hmm, I guess it was more funny at the time, but I seem to be obliged to post it now.