February 18th, 2013


Fez Lace

There will probably be another post about the actual Joco Cruise Crazy trip (in which we fled the advance of the snow and left tirinian to do all the shoveling), but here are some Knitting Project pictures of the fez I decorated. As it turned out, we ended up falling asleep before the feztravaganza, but I wore the fez to the two formal night dinners. harrock picked up a Dumbledore hat (nearly a fez) at Harry Potter World, so we both had proper hats.

The tassel is made in cobweb weight yarn, which is very surreal to work with. I cannot feel a single starnd unless it is under tension, so it isn't something I can knit without looking the way I can most things. And it catches very easily on any rough skin on my fingers (which I have a lot of in winter), so not only could I not tell where it was without looking, it was often somewhere I didn't want it to be. Luckily, it was pretty quick.