February 27th, 2013



The Joco cruise is always a little odd for me. It's the perfect playground for extroverts or boardgamers, which I'm not really. It's full of beaches - I barely own shorts, and prefer the other three seasons to summer. I'm a Jonathan Coulton fan - but I own a lot of his music, but not all of it. But still - I really have fun (with a vague sense that if I were a different person, I would be having more fun).

This cruise started with the Snowpocalypse, and a lot of panicking and changing travel plans. Our original flight out would have been Saturday, just after the predicted 30" of snow was supposed to arrive. I couldn't get my tickets moved earlier (except to during the middle of the blizzard, which didn't seem like an improvement), so I bought spare tickets for Sunday morning. But then I started fretting about whether or not Logan would be clear by then, since if it wasn't, there would really be nothing that could be done at that point (other than something like flying out to St. Thomas to meet the boat half a week later). So backup plan 2 became "change the Boston tickets to tickets out of NYC to Washington DC early Friday, because that's a flight that still has seats. Then fly from DC to Orlando twelve hours later." So harrock and I drove down to New York, spent the night in some not very comfortable JFK chairs, escaped New York before the snow, and finally got to Florida, where shumashi and mjperson and new friend M rescued us from the airport, and told us the plan was to visit Universal Studios, by which we mostly all meant the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

(New Friend M is an awesome fast-bond extrovert. Those are the best new friends ever. Later, on the cruise, people would say things like "Oh, and you guys all already know each other" and Jerry and Mike and I would all nod, because it was obviously true, and then I would think "... actually, I did only meet her two days ago ...".)

Some random highlights:

* Celebrity Artemis was hilarious.

* This is apparently the funniest 39 seconds on the internet.

* The Rifftrax guys did "lyrics to the Game of Thrones theme" which does not seem to be on youtube, but they were funny.

* Karaoke accompanied by JoCo and band was adorable, and such a sweet thing to do. John Scalzi appears to be made of Tiggers for a bit there. (The other karaokes were not famous people)
Oh, and I got John Scalzi to sign my copy of Redshirts, that being the inside of the cover of my iPad. It amused me.

I also think it's interesting, the vast cultural difference between these concerts (record with your phone! Post to youtube!) and theater, which is all about USING YOUR PHONE IS ODIOUS PUT THAT AWAY, not to mention that posting bits of the play on youtube would be dreadfully inappropriate.