March 10th, 2013


Scarfly Thing

I found this yarn on last summer's trip to California. I think this particular store was even "Hmm, we're ridiculously early to where we're supposed to meet people for dinner - I wonder if there are any yarn stores nearby", and it had a lot of particularly interesting things in it. The yarn is a knit tape made out of very smooth cotton thread, so it's a bit like ribbon, except actually stretchy. Working with it, it's very smooth and soft, like nice T-shirt fabric, but when knit up, it's much less soft. Not *non*-soft, just sort of normal. The flat picture gives you a good idea of the colors, but when you look at the object, it isn't really clear what it is or how to wear it. So here's another picture of me wearing it - it's sort of like a cross between a little foofy scarf and a cowl. (And I demonstrate that I'm terrible at taking my picture with my cell phone.)

(Oh, and if anyone is thinking "ooh, that is the scarfy cowly thing of my destiny", speak up. :) At some point I should probably stop making things that don't have a designated wearer before I start.)