March 16th, 2013


Finished Seabird

This is a neat project. I hadn't done any swing knitting before (that's the term coined for essentially using trapezoids of short rows to make those curving shapes, and pairing up short rows on one side with short rows on the other to make it all work out smoothly). It also introduced me to the German short row, which is a weird little trick at the turn that avoids wrapping or picking up or anything other than pulling the first turned stitch over and extra-tight. (That explanation will make no sense, but there are youtube videos of it for those who knit).

The instructions were kind of incomprehensible for the first "feather", because they kept referring forward to things that I hadn't done yet, and because I didn't understand swing knitting, but things like "You won't put in any light pins here, because they're cancelling out the imaginary dark pins from later" eventually did make sense.

For mathhobbit.