June 6th, 2013


Very Long Scarf

I finished this the other day (Commissioned by mjperson for housemate Alex).:

This was my 200th project in Ravelry. That isn't actually the same as the 200th thing I've knit - there are a lot of things I made in the pre-Ravelry days that never got documented (though some of them did). So it's a weird arbitrary milestone, but it seems like a milestone nonethless. (And I have less than 200 entries in my unused stash; staying less than the number of projects is a weird personal victory metric). But also, the first thing I ever knit, my reason to learn how to knit, was a Doctor Who scarf - it went a lot slower than this one did, and by the time I was done, I kind of had the hang of knitting. (I did not have the hang of weaving in ends.) That scarf was for Jonmon, who I dated when I was a freshman, over twenty-five years ago (oof!). And now he's returned to my life, because he threatened to sue me and 100 other people. It will hopefully all be resolved soon, but the most complete description of this fiasco is detailed here.

But anyway - it all feels circular and symbolic, though I don't really know symbolic of what - just part of the whole "human brains see patterns where there aren't any, really." I'm not the same person as I was - I certainly wouldn't want to date Jonmon now! - but an important part of who I am now (knitting) was caused by him. Who I am is a function of the path I took to get here.

(I also think that I ought to have remarked upon another milestone, that of having been married for ten years, but I do not want to contaminate that with Jonmon cooties.)