September 27th, 2013


Birthday food!

Last weekend I had a "invite people over to eat food" birthday party. It isn't really a dinner party, because there's too many people and the food is more like the "nothing matches" assortment of a potluck, so I have been calling it an anti-potluck. My parents came up for a visit at the time, so I had the extra bonus of Mom scrubs and organizes the kitchen while I'm at work, and then Mom and Lew do all the washing of dishes. I know some people get twitchy about other people putting away their stuff, or might feel patronized by parental cleaning, but I think it is Awesome. I know my mom is tidier than me, but I admire tidiness, and I am happy to bask in the tidy after Mom gets done with it.

I mostly spent Saturday and Sunday madly cooking, which meant that by the time the party happened, I was kind of zonked out, but listening to my friends talk to each other and nodding is sufficient to make me happy. Due to getting a bunch of later RSVPs, I decided that my initial estimates of food were too low, and so I ended up sending harrock out for more groceries. Um. Quite a few times. Once when I doubled the cheese straws early on and wanted more cheese, once when I doubled a bunch of everything else (and had Jerry get emergency backup barbecue supplies just in case), and then once at midnight when I discovered that the ketchup in the refrigerator was actually an empty plastic bottle that SOMEONE HAD PUT BACK AND IF I KNEW WHO THEY WOULD BE IN BIG TROUBLE. In the end there was probably just enough food; not many leftovers at all, but I think everyone got several plates full.

Things Made:
  • Bacon Jam
  • Blue Cheese / Scallion Biscuits
  • Cheese Straws
  • Tangy Spiced Brisket
  • Mojito Chicken
  • Disguting Orange Chicken
  • Clay Pot Ginger Pork (well, it wasn't in a clay pot)
  • Miso Sesame Squash
  • Apple Salad
  • Mushroom Bourguignon
  • Artichoke stuffed shells
  • Roasted Honey Pears
  • Chocolate brownie cookies
  • Gingersnap risotto pudding w/ plum compote
  • Rasberry brown butter bars