October 19th, 2013


Two things

  • If I were a vast moving van driving the wrong way down a one way street, I think I would be going slower than that one was.

  • My new Restaurant of Decadence is Snappy Ramen, which used to be Snappy Sushi. It's not as pricey as most of my restaurants of decadence are, though I suppose if you compare the cost of a bowl of ramen there to the 50 cents that a grocery store package of ramen costs, then maybe it's up there. The Kyoto tonkotsu ramen is thick and fat and full of tasty umami and mostly requires that I eat a salad for lunch if I want some for dinner. Also, marinated pork belly and soy-marinated egg, so so tasty. The dashi ramen is lighter; next time I promise I will try the mushroom-based veggie ramen. I've been to Yume Wo Katare a couple of times, and that was also tasty - lighter broth but more of it, bigger pieces of pork, more garlic, and no choices - but Snappy is much more convenient, and doesn't requires standing in line for half an hour first. I should really try Sapporo Ramen to be a completist at this point. But I really want Snappy to be successful in its sudden conversion from sushi to ramen, except not quite so successful that it is always full and I have to stand in line. :) )

    (Two notes if you haven't gone but are considering it. First, the Spicy Miso tonkotsu comes with pork belly and marinated egg, but for all the other soups, make sure to order meat and whatnot because it doesn't come with. The menu is a little confusing there. Second, if thinking "is this broth or gravy" sounds nasty to you, you probably want to try the dashi ramen first, not the tonkotsu.)