January 2nd, 2014


Last of the Christmas Presents

I finished up two more Christmas presents, in time for family Christmas next week. One pair of socks, and one Doctor Who scarf, which I did not bother to take a new picture of because it looks just like the last one I made.

(I have been instructed to bring purple and green yarn to the Christmas visit, because apparently the praying mantis toy and the very old dragon toy need sweaters).

I love the yarn for the socks - it's a deep dark saturated red, soft and squishy but hopefully also durable due to nylon. I didn't do any favors for it by putting it with this pattern - in retrospect, the flowers really need a light solid color, without even minimal variegation, or they get lost in the background noise. The cuff of this pattern is interesting - it does a scalloped fan sort of thing, which I've never seen before but is cool to remember for later. (Here is a link to the sample sock, where you can see the flowers and the cuff a bit better).