March 4th, 2014


Projects, new and old

I knit these, mostly, on the boat. Whee! The yarn (Plucky Knitter, "Primo Fingering") is lovely to work with, with a bit of cashmere for soft and a bit of nylon for strong, and the color is an interesting grey that keeps suggesting that it might be thinking about being blue-grey or green-grey but hasn't made up its mind. However, I was a little short, as you can see. A new benefit of making socks two at a time: they still match! The pattern is called "Francie", and does interesting things with the shaping. (The sole of the foot is particularly cool-looking; I didn't take a picture of that, but see here for the designer's picture.)

Apparently I have been lax in posting pictures of other completed items, so here are some more that missed getting listed in the past couple of years.

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