April 7th, 2014


Pink Wraptors

So, these socks are described as "Take a pair of side to side socks (like these) and then tilt them (like Skew)." You're knitting a strip that goes around the foot (with some short rows to add extra fabric at the instep), to be seamed together.

The pattern is brilliant, though there's a part where it says "Your strip needs to stretch to X; if it doesn't, knit more" and mine didn't, so I knit more. That made the sock longer, so now it fits me rather than the person I was imagining it would be for. Oops. The yarn is Twisted Fiber Arts wide striping yarn, which turns into narrow striping here; it's still some of my favorite.

Knitting the first one wasn't very hard (my main problem is that when using Judy's Magic Cast On over 180 stitches, my cast on row is too tight), but knitting the second one was a bear. To makes the stripes slant in the opposite direction, you work the shaping just the same, but on the purl side. As it turns out, my hands know that the purl side is the boring side - you do all the interesting stuff on the knit side - so when I wasn't paying attention, I just blew through the increase and decrease markers, and had to rip back again to do it right.

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