June 23rd, 2014


Multicolor Socks

This is one of my go-to patterns now for "what to do with wildly multicolor yarn"; this particular colorway is Yankee Dyer's "Crazy Monkey Love".  I think it's awesome - it manages to have a coherent sort of palette while still having tons of different colors.    I worked on the socks a lot on vacation, though I didn't finish them until the day I came back, so they are not a (slightly belated) Father's Day present, they'll have to be a Christmas present instead.

(I also returned from vacation with a lot of knitting homework: a knotted necklace for Isabelle, a scarfy thing for Mom, something made out of the multicolor yarn that Amelia liked, and more clothes for Mantis and Pink Penguin.   And the nieces have discovered the existence of needle felting.)
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