November 28th, 2014



Back when I had the non-stressful stress dream about getting married, I started to suspect that the part of my brain that assigns me dreams, and the part of my brain that carries out the dreams, are not really on the same page.

A few nights ago, I had one of those dreams where one gets a kiss from someone inappropriate. Me-in-the-dream said "Huh, that was unexpected, and possibly inappropriate. I wonder what I should do. Oh, wait, I know, this is one of those 'Jenny Kiss'd Me' moments. I shall file it away as a treasure, and not treat it as a plot at all." Then I spent the rest of the dream trying to remember all of the words to the poem, which is harder to do when you are asleep and do not have access to the Internet.

Love plot angst stress - nah, not really doing that so much. Getting old stress - yeah, maybe there's some of that. Not remembering the words - that's something I'll obsess about.

Also, "Time, you thief, who like to get things into your thing, put that in!" still manages to be evocative, in context. :)
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