February 11th, 2015


Two pairs of socks

Yay for vacation knitting! I made the legs for the purple socks a little short because I was worried about having not enough yarn (Sundara has lovely colors, but the length is a little scant, and also there are more slubs than I approve of). I quite like the diagonal pattern; I may do this again, though it's a little tricky for two at a time knitting. The rainbow socks are called "Pessimist's Rainbow", and I love the colors - the rainbow is bright, and the blue between the rainbows is a nice tonal variegation that could be a colorway in its own right. The scan kind of maxed out the yellows by focusing on the blue, oh well. The pattern is a simple toe-up, but it has a heel flap, which I appreciate.

The rainbow socks were my current knitting-at-work project, so now I don't have a project for the all hands meeting today, oops. I guess I'll just have to sit quietly like everyone else.