March 1st, 2015


Little Red Hood

I've made several toddler/baby hoodies before, but this is a different pattern, with basketweave stitch instead of colorwork for the border. Bulky yarn, in one of the really saturated Madeline Tosh dark reds. I like basketweave stitch a lot - it has a very striking woven look, and isn't difficult at all. I've finally gotten used to the step of "figure out how large the buttonholes are, then search etsy for good buttons", which is not as convenient as going to Windsor Button is, but I suppose it will do.   (I suspect I've complained about buttons for every sweater that has them for the past couple of years now.   Ten years from now, I will still be mourning Windsor Button, and I would probably give directions with "turn right at where the Johnny's Foodmaster used to be" if one ever gave directions any more.)

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