May 21st, 2015


Two pairs of spiral socks

The green socks have a true double spiral for the heel - this was interesting to do, though it took me until about halfway through the first heel to get it right. After the heel, it was kind of boring, but they knit up fast. They do fall into the Marleigh Sock Type of non-matching, which is fun to do once in a while. This used up the second half of the green yarn, which was used for these socks, also spirals. There seem to be more spiral socks this year than the usual.

The pink socks are called "mystik spirals", but that's only because most people only model them from the front, where it looks like the slantways part is spiraling around the foot. It's actually more like two parallelograms, as is clearly visible in the side view like this. This was more fun to do, both because I really liked the yarn color, and because the slantways bands were just interesting enough without being difficult.