August 29th, 2015


Frozen things

Two entries in the category of "making things that sound cold to make mathhobbit grumble", these are Frozen fingerless gloves, for harrock to wear when Ingressing in the less-than-deep of winter, and Snow Dancer socks, probably for a Christmas present.

I've slacked off on posting for a while; a lot of my life has been eaten by the recent reorg Agile Transformation at work, which I'm sure those of you standing near me have heard quite a lot about already. A sad comment to Facebook about empty chairs and empty tables (I think we just hit "30% have quit", plus moves) apparently caused a cousin (who I haven't seen in decades) to call my mom in a panic. I like my new co-workers (especially including my padawan), but I miss the ones who have gone, and there are a bunch of Things that I just get bitter about. And it's kicked my workaholic impulses into overdrive, because my Stuff is Never Done. (More sensible people than me keep telling me to stop doing that, because it muddies the "we are falling behind" signal, but I hate hate hate having to be the person who left you waiting for three days while they didn't bother to answer your question...)