December 29th, 2017


Dream Management

Under normal circumstances, I run on insufficient sleep and have a comfy bed.  Bedtime involves reading a bit on the nightlight-Kindle until I'm too sleepy to keep my eyes open, and then falling promptly asleep.   Because of that, and also I assume because of generally good luck in how my sleep settings are configured, I don't have a lot of practice in trying to fall asleep, or getting back to sleep when in a half-awake dozy state. So when I'm getting sick, or in not-my-own-bed (or especially a combination of the two), this can be more tricky, and I can easily get stuck in those mental loops where you keep going around and around trying to think of the right thing.

In this case, on vacation, "work dreams" seem to have been the thing to get stuck in. Now, the thing about work is, very little of it involves general brainstorming. It involves looking at device logs or server logs, or putting together database searches, or answering emails, or writing python scripts, or reading other people's code, or - well, any number of things. But pretty much all of them require a computer. Device logs that I read in my dreams will not have useful content.

But when I'm asleep, I don't quite realize this (because in dreams, everything makes sense), so I go around and around trying to debug the thing or write the report SQL or whatever, and not quite realizing why it doesn't work. (This is very similar to another niche-genre of dream I can have, where I keep hunting for a bathroom and can't find one or the ones I find are all broken, or are toilets in the middle of a huge common area that I don't want to use (to continue this digression, I was quite shocked to see such a toilet in Kate's basement, it was like walking into a vaguely unpleasant dream...)).

Anyway, while I do not seem to be able to escape from this trying-to-get-work-done dream once I'm in it, once I figured out that I was getting stuck in them, I succeeded in setting myself a Rule before going to bed, that I was Not Allowed To Do Work While Asleep. So once I started trying to write the report-thing, I remembered that awaker, smarter me of the past had set a rule that I wasn't allowed to do that, so I went off to do something else like be asleep for real. That was kind of gratifying. :)

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