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Random Restaurant Bits - Qualified Perceptions
Random Restaurant Bits
  • In our role as Craigie Bartender Groupies, harrock, mjperson, ilhander and I have been trying to catch Paul at Bergamot. We once decided not to go because there was a hurricane and we didn't want to walk from Harvard in that much rain; we once went and it was his day off. We made it there on Thursday (and while it is not in as convenient a place to get by 5:30, it is not quite as popular as Craigie yet, and it is probably safe to not be standing in line before the doors open). The food was really lovely (and had an added benefit compared to Craigie that I'm not nearly as familiar with their dishes), and we pretty much inhaled all of it "except that one spoonful of lentils". But the waitress who we had sat with before made sad eyes that we had deserted the dining room for the bar! I am terribly vulnerable to sad eyes, even those made in jest. It was kind of strange, it felt like we had "regulars" karma despite not being very much regulars at all yet, but I will join Eon in pushing to go again.
  • There's a new restaurant called Catalyst in Tech Square. mjperson and I have gotten fond of it for lunch, (a little more expensive than many of our other haunts, though some of that comes from "well, if you get a salad *and* an entree...", but very nummy) but now the staff seems to think I a Named Customer. One of the front-of-the-house people introduced himself to Mike and I after recognizing me from when he worked at Rendezvous and harrock and I went there more often, and then today one of the other staff introduced herself to me - but not to Mike! He was in a state of mock indignation for the rest of lunch, which was hilarious for me, and then when we left and they said goodbye, he insists that she was only saying goodbye to me and not to him at all. I have this terrible fear that they have mistaken me for someone important and it will all be very embarassing when it turns out that I'm not.
  • Also following the "groupie" theme (and I haven't even mentioned Jaime going from Gargoyles to Posto), Mike and I have been trying to find Jess at Firebrand Saints (she's not at the Rolly Place any longer), but have not had any luck. The first time, it took us forever to actually find the front door - we circumnavigated the whole building first before realizing that the sign was writ very very large on the windows, but it wasn't open. The second time, the door was unlocked, but it was clearly not open. I suppose the internet will eventually tell me when it opens.

I feel like I should be putting these all together into some sort of larger philosophical thought that has to do with the world being full of people and and fewer of them are strangers than I think they are, but I'm not sure that's quite what I mean. But whatever it is I do mean, I'm very happy to not be an island.
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tallou From: tallou Date: October 21st, 2011 10:46 pm (UTC) (Link)
It's awesome that you manage to be a regular so many places. They definitely recognize me at my local Indian place (and did even before I became a spectacle). And they're starting to at the coffee shop. There's something awesome about being known. (and I should start using my power of spectacle for good!)
kelkyag From: kelkyag Date: October 22nd, 2011 06:03 am (UTC) (Link)
fear that they have mistaken me for someone important

Such silliness! Of course you're someone important. You're a Patron. :)
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