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More Puzzles! - Qualified Perceptions
More Puzzles!
I've been working my way through a paint-by-numbers site - not the art I used to do at age ten, but the Japanese puzzles. And just the other day someone mentioned another site, Conceptis that has another sort of Japanese puzzle, called "link-a-pix" that are mesmerizing. Alas, they only have three on-line versions per week. And the paper versions aren't nearly as much fun.

(How do people pick their music? What's on when you start typing, or when you finish?)

I can't believe it's already halfway through September. I begin to sympathize with the Overcommitted Lads; I haven't had time to work on Thief for days now, what with this run and that run and the extra bonus activities like the Dancing Teapot store. Work still hasn't calmed down since the term started either - I think all the freshmen got the Accounts phone number as part of registration, and now they just call for anything computer related. Certainly "how do I run Outlook" is not really in our group's job description, given that Outlook is neither supported nor runs on UNIX. At least I can cling to the theory that as long as I have too much work to do, the IS budget cutbacks can't get rid of me.

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Current Music: "Good Morning Baltimore" on Standing Room Only

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