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Yummy Dinner - Qualified Perceptions
Yummy Dinner
Tuesday was a Mad Dinner of Decadence with justom (I should help people move more often when it turns into dinner!) Evoo advertises a seven-course tasting menu, which actually turned out to be nine things (I'm not sure which ones didn't count). Very good food, pleasant company, altogether a nice way to spend, hmm, it must have been close to four hours for dinner. Tasting menus do feel too luxurious to do very often, but they're a lot of fun.

"Hah, I'm going to go home and claim to Jerry I was on a date."
"It's people like you who are destroying the institution of marriage."
Solidarity for me with the gay marriage cause! Woo!

My original experience with evoo, many years ago, was "interesting tastes, which do not always go well together" - they seem to have grown up into interesting tastes which do go well together, which is much better. They still have hints of split personality, between Asian and Mediterranean, but any given dish manages to stay pretty coherent.

  • Head cheese, cornichons, grainy mustard, pepper relish, grilled toast
  • A cornmeal-battered oyster on "goat cheese fondue" with pepper slivers
  • Grilled asparagus with onion and tomato and feta
  • Savoy cabbage, blue cheese, bacon, and currants, in a cylindrical salad. This was my favorite of all the dishes.
  • A seared scallop with shrimp wonton and lime coconut milk broth (like the Thai soup tom kar ghai).
  • Two clams from a special clam beach, with sausage and tomato and spinach, in a spicy red broth. This was cute, the two clams balanced in a little brass pot, over the broth.
  • Rosemary/mustard rack of lamb (well, one rack-let of lamb), semolina dumpling, salad with clementines and parmesan. The clementines/parmesan salad was very nice, too - another "interesting tastes going well together" that I would never have thought to mix myself.
  • Slices of cheddar and guava paste, toasted walnuts, olive oil.
  • Coffee/cardamom panna cotta with cinnamon biscotti

Current Mood: cheery

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