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Things I liked (or didn't, in one case) - Qualified Perceptions
Things I liked (or didn't, in one case)
  • The garage at the new Assembly Square has little lights above each parking space. The full spaces are red, and the empty spaces are green. So clever! I've never seen that before, but it works really well to instantly spot an empty space in a line of cars, without the "small car behind large car" issue.

  • harrock and I had Christmas Eve dinner at La Brasa, which is a newish restaurant in East Somerville. The rib roast by the ounce was particularly tasty - good char and seasoning, chimichurri sauce underneath, nom nom nom. The dulce de leche flan was the best dessert in the world, and I am very grateful that they brought us a second dessert when Jerry wanted to split the I-forget-which-fruit mousse. (The mousse was very tasty, as was my fish, but they were not the best thing in the world.) And their conceit of ashes of vegetables, used as a very mild seasoning but very striking decoration, tied things together really interestingly. This may go on the list to drag more people to.

  • I heart Audible for letting me return books because I do not like them. Or because I do not like the narrator. I do not do this often, but the fact that I can is very much appreciated. I was listening to Initiate Brother, because I had read it way back when but hadn't read the sequel, so I was going to listen to both, but the narrator was strangely annoying. Accents are a weird thing when there are multiple actors involved - remember how in Babylon 5, Londo was the only Centauri who had a Centauri accent? Or in Avatar, most of the cast has standard American accents, but Uncle Iroh has a strong Japanese accent. It's weirder when it's one narrator doing all the voices, and a few of them have accents (several Asian or exaggerated Asian, and one New Jersey Mafia).
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kelkyag From: kelkyag Date: December 29th, 2014 03:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Nom! sauergeek and I went to La Brasa not terribly long after they opened, and also enjoyed much tasty food. (Sadly this included grilled onions, and confirmed that lightly cooked onions are no longer suitable sauergeek food, and that stuck more than other details of what we ate.)

I wonder what the failure modes for the parking spot lights are -- I'm tempted to go poke. (For instance, do they default to green or red, if the car sensor fails? If they break such that there's no visible light over the space, do people notice and check it? Is there remote visibility into the light functionality, or does someone have to walk around occasionally and check them?)
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