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Simple (but colorful) socks - Qualified Perceptions
Simple (but colorful) socks
Probably the last pair of Christmas socks for this year.  This yarn is the "Phoenix" colorway from Twisted Fiber Arts - it was a fundraiser after their studio burned.   I basically made the pattern up as I went along using a simple plait cable and eye-of-partridge heel flap - I started a different pattern that involved eyelets at the color transition, but they weren't clear or even enough and I didn't like how it was going.  (I'll have to use that pattern on a striped yarn with less shaded transitions.)

I like the color continuation on the heel flap, but I don't like the jump along the top of the foot; I guess that means I should have used a short row heel instead

Socks with a single plait in a brightly colored ("Phoenix") colorway (comments disabled on LJ; enabled on DW) https://firstfrost.dreamwidth.org/246784.html