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Three projects

 Project one: The Love of Spiders (a Charlotte's Web reference)

A shawl from a gradient kit that caught my eye in I think a Ravelry ad.   Ravelry ads are probably a good example of why I think I won't mind if advertising gets better at targetting me; I would really much much rather see ads for things that I would actually want, rather than ads for weight loss products because I'm female, or for all of the lamps ever because if you buy a lamp once then surely you must want to buy more lamps immediately after that.    I brought it to work to be my too-much-AC or oops-forgot-to-dress-for-the-change-in-weather backup layer - it is soft and comfy wool, and I love the look of it. 

A knit shawl in stripes alternating between grey-brown and light blue deepening to darker blue

Project two: Baby Belarus Sweater. 
I realized that a coworker was on paternity leave rather than vacation only when I saw it in our outages calendar, so I hurried to make this one.  He was back for a couple of days by the time I finished, but only because our company does not have very good paternity leave.  :(   He's from Belarus, and I noticed that the Belarus flag has what really looks to me like a knitting pattern as part of it.  It's actually based on a different textile tradition, the woven ruchnik, but it has the non-square-pixel characteristic that made it perfect to adapt to knitting.   This particular pattern always ends up too large for an infant, but newborns outgrow anything that fits them very quickly.   As it turns out, three-year-old elder brother of the baby just fits in the sweater now, so they can timeshare.    I have also apparently impressed  the baby's Grandma, who is also a knitter.  :) 

Small knit white sweater with a red and white patterned border

Project 3:
A pair of socks, for the Christmas pile.   I still generally prefer heel flap and gusset, but when it's self-striping yarn, I don't really like the effect there.  So short row heel and toe it is, and I've tried a bunch of them.  Ask me about all the alternatives to the standard wrap-and-turn in short rows!   :) .  This one is Fish Lips Kiss, which has a silly name but I think is probably my favorite.    

The picture is a little weird - I was trying to keep my shadow from falling on the socks, so it's from an angle.  The feet aren't really that much bigger than the ankles, it's perspective.  The yarn is from White Birch Fiber Arts, my other main source of Fabulous Stripey Yarns besides Twisted Stitches.  

A pair of striped socks, alternating between a red-and-yellow stripe and a black-and-grey stripe
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