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Two Sweaters (one eternal) and a whole bunch of other things

A folded grey knit ribbed sweater with light wood buttons on the shoulderA mostly black and white Norwegian-style knit sweater, with vertical panels of diamonds, topped by pictures of horse and rider and thistles.  The cuffs, shoulders, and collar have bands of color.

The left sweater was for Eon.  I liked the yarn, which is a wool/alpaca combination and gives the fabric a cool, smooth feel, a little less sproingy than wool.   It was ridiculously boring to knit, being nearly all ribbing,  but it came out pretty well, I think.  (I am always suspicious of sweaters that put the neckhole at the top rather than tilt it towards the front). 

The right sweater was for [personal profile] marleigh  and more than made up for the boringness.  We picked this one as the most over the top of the Norwegian ski sweaters available, and it really was.  It took about eight months to finish, in part because I ripped probably half a sweater of work out in the process.  I struggled with gauge a  bit - a lot of people used fingering for this sweater so I figured it would be okay - but going with sport would probably have let me get gauge (and being a bit thicker)  without teetering on the edge of floppy looseness.   The rest of my issues were just caused by inattention (realizing eight inches in that I had my panels off by one set of diamonds was the most embarassing), but the diamond pattern really did lend itself to going on autopilot and waking up three inches past where I was supposed to start the lozenges.    I do like how it looks at this point, though!   I have gotten pretty good at tension for stranded colorwork sweaters, though that unfortunately isn't loose enough for stranded socks. 

A pair of striped socks in red / beige / brown, with colorwork flowers at the cuffsA pair of textured knit socks, in a pastel gradient shading from blue at the toe to pink at the heel through orange to  yellow at the cuffA pair of textured knit socks in a multicolor speckled yarn

Three pairs of socks.  The left most pair was a kit (Saxe Pointe), but I was a little disappointed in the colors, which were not as clear as in the advertising photo .  But, colors in photos and monitors are always a matter of perception.    The middle pair was an experimentation with a gradient-dyed sock blank.  [personal profile] mathhobbit  was teasing me for turning knitted fabric into knitted fabric in such a tedious fashion.   Anyway, I was pleased with the experiment, and have another blank to turn into blue gradient socks at some point in the future.    The third pair is knit from either end of the skein (from Phydeaux Yarns, which I love the colors of), and it was surprising how different the color density was.  

Several pictures of a baby with huge blue eyes and a brown knitted sweaterA purple kimono-ish knit baby sweaterA green knit baby sweater with flower lace at the  shoulders
Putting an actual baby in the sweater does make it a *lot* cuter.   Three sweaters for new moms &  dads at work.   One of them gave me an update; it is apparently the baby's favoritest sweater, so now it's a little small as she's gotten bitter. 

Fingerless gloves crochet in a bronze-colored yarn to resemble scale mail gauntletsbronze gloves and silver gorget crochet to resemble scale mail

These were for [personal profile] tirinian for LARPing.   I'm really pleased with how the metallic-looking yarn looks, and they're very soft.

Finally, a whole slew of amigurumi.   My octopodes have now fully colonized work, and are keeping pace as the company grows, but occasionally someone wonders about making something else. 

A crochet "Boo" from the Mario gamesA crochet Toad from the Mario gamesA crochet Gir from Invader ZimA tiny crochet shark in white and blueA small brown crochet cuttlefishA stuffed white crochet snowflake with a smiley face
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