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Is this anyone's Shawl of Destiny?

I picked a set of "fade" yarn in fingering weight, and then spent a while trying to figure out what to make with it.
I ended up going with "Centrifugal Shawl",  which has a really interesting construction, being made of, um, a bunch of crescent shapes nestled together like a pinwheel into a larger crescent shape.   

The colors blend nicely (the yarn photo is truer to life for color than the blocking photo with the distracting background), and I think the construction is very cleverly done, but I seem to have an irrrational bias against garter stitch, and I'm not really loving it.   Does it call out to anyone else as something they would like? :)

Three skeins of yarn; one is  purple / pink, one is pink / light blue / light green, and one is purple / dark blueA semi-circularish shawl in the three colors of yarn plus blended sections.
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