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I want a new thermostat - Qualified Perceptions
I want a new thermostat
Most of the time, I'm content with my body. All right, I'd like to weigh less (working on it) and I'd rather not be allergic to cats, and nearsightedness is creeping up on me. But I can live with those.

What does annoy me is an inability to heat-regulate properly. I had to punt going to Waterfire tonight because I wiped myself out tramping around Lexington. The trouble is, I'm fine during the tramping around, it's only when I stop that I go into heat exhaustion. And I can tell when it's too late, because I go from being red to being white, but then there's very little to be done about it.

Sleeping during the winter is just as bad. Fluffy quilts are great to fall asleep under when I'm cold, but then once I warm up, I'm not competent to kick the blankets off in my sleep, I just wake up far too hot and with a terrible headache. DH is assigned to steal the covers while he's sleeping, but that seems a little much responsibility to assign to sleeping people.

Current Mood: discontent discontent

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