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Testing, testing - Qualified Perceptions
Testing, testing
[tap tap] Is this thing on? Hello, can you hear me?

Web journals seem such a strange thing, posting a diary to the world. Like personal zephyr classes (mine seems to have acquired the dedicated charter of Mocking Me About Work, which is less of an ego trip than I was given to understand that personal zephyr classes would be). Throwing thoughts into the void is at worst a waste of time, but throwing thoughts and having them caught by other people is worthwhile, however eccentric the path from me to thee.

And more people seemed to look at my Socks web log than I expected, so perhaps there's people listening after all. :)

Current Mood: curious curious

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From: justom Date: September 8th, 2003 11:29 am (UTC) (Link)
I perceive words of text on a computer screen which have been conveyed (high personal belief, little independent confirmation)
via computer from you or someone who knows you well enough to
impersonate you in that abominable way that humans do.
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