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I heard owning a house was difficult... - Qualified Perceptions
I heard owning a house was difficult...
This morning, I meet some Floor Guys who have been delegated by the General Contractor, to refinish the floor in the entry hall. I watch them for a little while, but they seem competent enough, so I leave again.

Half an hour ago, the Floor Guy calls. He says the electricity in the house has blown, and the circuit breaker isn't working. Can I call the electric company to have them do something? I call NSTAR. NSTAR says "we're getting calls about an outage on Day Street, Holland Street, Highland Avenue - is that in your area? Okay, yup, that would be us.

I suppose I'm pleased that it was a general outage and not "We blew up the power in your house", but that does mean the sanders are probably Not Working. (Hopefully the power will come back before the contractors decide this is a lost cause and go home).

Well, it's *different* than packing, at least.

Current Mood: exasperated

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twe From: twe Date: August 18th, 2004 07:36 pm (UTC) (Link)
Did the work get finished?
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