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Disappointing - Qualified Perceptions
Having realized that there's not a lot of point in going straight home, I decided to entertain myself in Harvard Square. I managed to find two books to buy at Wordsworth, but it was hard. The store is dying - they filed chapter 11 a few weeks ago, and are apparently looking for an investor with $1million to save them (Cambridge Chronicle article, since the Globe doesn't have older articles for free). But in the meantime, the shelves are nigh empty. Probably very much the reaction tirinian to the movers de-apartmenting the apartment - "this is the remains of something I cared about".

Then I went to Redline for dinner. The first time or two I went, it was really quite good. This time, it was... uninteresting. The bruschetta was haphazard vinaigretted vegetables falling off of dry white toast. The duck was more well-done than I'm used to seeing duck, but not bad; the sausage and sweet potato hash was probably the best part, but I'm sure I've liked their sweet potato hash better before. And upright baby spinach leaves (like a disconnected sprig of spinach) are a somewhat eccentric garnish. The almond/pear tart was an okay almond tart, but the pear slices were... pickled in watery lemon juice? I'm not at all sure what was going on there. And there was a cocktail party starting shortly after I was seated, so there were people standing at my elbow all dinner. Still, the waitress was very nice.

Now I'm home, and I can't get the last point of the Rhinoceros Ridge -> Lagniappe chart memorized. Bah.

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