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Evita snippets - Qualified Perceptions
Evita snippets
I really liked Kathy Voytko as Evita. She sounded younger and more passionate than Patti LuPone, who always seemed to have a very cold edge to her. Not as nice as Madonna (that is, the character), but the movie is different. Che sounded to me very much like Mandy Patinkin, but I hadn't imagined him as quite so much a clown.

I didn't like the big screen with the film and picture clips - I'm far too easily mesmerized into watching TV, and I don't want to be watching the TV instead of the actors.

I wonder why the lighting was so tightly spotlit.

They had her enter immortality at 20:50 hours, instead of 20:25. I wonder why.

On our way out, the man in front of me on the stairs was explaining to his daughter (maybe 8?) that Evita drained the country of all its money, the way the Democrats want to do now. You could say she was a liberal, he said.
"Get them while they're young, Evita, get them while they're young."
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