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harrock reminds me that next May will be our second anniversary, not our first. It took me a minute or two to believe him. Now, if I tracked back when various things happened (getting married and buying a house being the two milestones I can theoretically keep track of), he's clearly right. But really, if someone leaped out of a closet and demanded to know when he and I started going out, I'd react with "four years ago!" But it was four years ago four years ago, so I'm not sure why I got stuck there.

This is why I am in constant amazement at justom's ability to remember when things happened (though he's really a couple sigma better than average, and I seem to be a couple sigma worse). Including the important milestones in my life that seem to float around for me like, um, floating milestones is a visual image that is now rather compelling. These huge grey menhirs of significance, bobbing like balloons haphazardly above the road of life, failing to stay put. They happened, I remember that much. But when, and how long ago? "Four years".
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