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Two Plays - Qualified Perceptions
Two Plays
Wednesday was Red Herring at the Lyric. I went in a little dubious, as the review in the Globe had lured me into thinking that it was likely to be doofy rather than witty (and I'm still traumatized by Epic Proportions). But it was clever and funny and touching - perhaps not brilliant, but quite charming.

Tonight was City of Angels at the Boston Conservatory. The play grew on me as it went - it scored a lot of points for me when it went meta. Very nice use of color versus black and white, generally good singers - Stone was very impressive (and, I think, had the best mike). Having never seen it or heard the soundtrack before, but having heard several of the songs on SRO, it was somewhat startling to run into a familiar song in the midst of something unfamiliar. Though "All Ya Have To Do Is Wait" might well have convinced me to buy the CD if I had heard it one more time (the way "Into the Fire" did for Scarlet Pimpernel). I wish the Conservatory theater had slightly more of a slope or a raised stage or something - all the action in the front was mostly behind people's heads for me. (Maybe it was our seats in particular, which were directly behind a (flat) horizontal aisle, and thus Different from other seats, but I have to think that closer heads are also more obstructive.

And there's toffee date pudding and goulash in the fridge. I get to feel productive for a couple of lazy days.

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greenlily From: greenlily Date: March 6th, 2005 09:44 am (UTC) (Link)
saxikath and I saw the TBC City Of Angels too. I'll write a review in my journal when I get around to it, but short version is that I liked it a lot. :)
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