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Maine - Qualified Perceptions
Whee! Back from Maine, where desireearmfeldt's parents have a cabin. The pond was very nice to splash around in, and full of sun that would burn us lobster-colored if given a chance.

We also spent a lot of time clambering around the coastal beaches and admiring the rocks. And Mt. Desert Island, which Edrick had something of a smock-like fixation upon. One section of Schoodic Point (part of the non-Mt.Desert Acadia) had a whole forest of rocks on top of rocks built into towers (by people who were amused to rock-stack, not by the ocean). Some of the stacks were made of fairly significant boulders, and some were made of quite a lot of rocks, so I was very impressed. Sadly, I didn't have batteries for my camera until much later (I have to say that these rechargeables seem to betray me horribly), so I have no pictures of these.

We also spent a day trundling around to various pottery studios, and I expanded my collection of Bowls. There were a number of studios (and even one store) that worked on the honor system - "if there's no one here, help yourself! Leave the money or a check in the box there, remember Maine's 5% sales tax! There are wrapping materials in the desk!" In a couple of cases, the honor system was supplemented by baby monitors, but I found it remarkable. We figure handmade pottery doesn't have a high fence value, but even so.

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mijven From: mijven Date: August 12th, 2005 03:02 pm (UTC) (Link)

Ooh, Acadia. Grins all around.
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