First Frost of Autumn (firstfrost) wrote,
First Frost of Autumn

Notes from the North Midwest

harrock says they're the Midwest. jdbakermn suggests "the top of the Mississippi". I'm fond of "the states that start zigzag-I" (which include Michigan, but that's up there too), but it just seems to confuse people.

Anyway, harrock and I have returned from the Whirlwind Zoosh around Minnesota and Wisconsin, in which many relatives of his (and two cats) were seen.

  • The first time I've been harassed by a TSA agent about carrying a backpack, a small carryon bag, and a purse as "more than two carryons", and it's in Madison. Yes, I am technically carrying three objects, but they total a lot smaller than the two rolly-carryons that other people have. I will have to readjust my automatic assumption that people in the Midwest are generally nicer.
  • Audiobooks are definitely a good way to pass long drives. I still don't like the radio conversion from ipod to car stereo, though.
  • Anyone who's in the lower left corner of Wisconsin should stop by the Chetek Bakery and stuff themselves on pastries.
  • As mjperson already knows, a Clicker is a great icebreaker with small children and people who are small children at heart.
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