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Victory! - Qualified Perceptions
The digital phone bill says that I paid it last month. Which means that my attempt to transfer money via MITFCU's electronic bill payment *did* work. Which means I never have to write a check ever again! Woo!

(Comcast cable/internet lets you pay online. Digital phone, despite being the same company, is not nearly as ept.)

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jaedian From: jaedian Date: May 17th, 2006 05:34 pm (UTC) (Link)

automagic payment

I am paying it via credit card each month. Then I don't have to worry about it. I did have to set up the digital cable/TV and the dig phone separate.

Apparently they can't bundle the phone in, since I think tehre are stricter rules about how to turn off the phone for non-payment as it is considered a utility.

I did have to call to set up the recurring phone payment. Although I think I did switch the CC successfully online. Not sure if I managed it for both bills though
firstfrost From: firstfrost Date: May 17th, 2006 05:37 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: automagic payment

Huh. I did pay by credit card once by phone, but it took a long while of navigating a phone tree and they didn't seem to suggest that they could take it as a recurring payment at the time. If I had realized that would work, I would have set that up a long time ago. :)
jaedian From: jaedian Date: May 17th, 2006 05:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: automagic payment

It was a hassle though. I did it by talking to an actual person. It takes awhile to get one though
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