First Frost of Autumn (firstfrost) wrote,
First Frost of Autumn

Kong's Night Out

The last of the Lyric's plays this season falls squarely into the "noodleheaded farce" category instead of the "witty farce" category, which I kind of prefer. Still, it was one of the noodleheaded farces I've liked better, though that may be faint praise. I'm obviously of somewhat conflicted opinion on it, as I think some of the characters were played a little too over the top (Carl Denham doesn't need to be a wild-eyed crazy; he has a giant monkey, that's enough drama for anyone. On the other hand, I'm not sure the play has room for anyone played serious...), but some of my favorites included the even more over-the-top Daisy, and the mister_nick part (who was the only one that the script was reasonably charitable to).

Then we descended on Picco like a swarm of ravening pizza-eating locusts. Ah, for the lost Cheesy Poofs of last year!
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