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Stairwell Dithering

More paint has been applied. The wisteria is done (and it's particularly impressive when I stand next to it on the downslope, because it makes it clear that I had to use Magic Levitation Powers. harrock is jealous that I've gotten new shticks), and I've been starting the edge flowers.

I painted the irises first, and I quite like how they turned out. Then I started putting in the smaller flowers (I had this idea of taller irises anchoring little beds of smaller flowers), and I'm much more unsure of them. Thus, I turn to those with more aesthetic sense than I, for opinions.
  • Here's what it looks like now. It's halfway between irises-only and irises-with-little-flowers.
  • But I keep thinking I liked it better before. Maybe it's a question of keeping a clean colorway, or maybe it's that the little stencils just don't have the room to be as artistic or elegant...
  • Or would it look better with the bed filled in with the rest of the little flowers?
  • Or there's the different tack entirely of All Irises All The Time.
  • Here's a version with all the leaves the same color green (approximately) as the irises.
  • Here's multiple levels of little flowers. Fire sale on little flowers!
  • This one is harrock's suggestion, of grass instead of flowers.

For those following other memes (paraphrased):
Me: Bah. I'm not sure I like the little flowers.
harrock: It's still a good project. I'm very impressed. It's pretty and I'm proud of you.
Me: Um... I'm not depressed, I just want to do it right. Oh, er, I see - "words of affirmation" is my lowest score.

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