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I love google, and I love -c help. For many reasons, but today's reason is Dr. Zephyr. (Why does my foot hurt in the morning? Google told me that...). Anyway, this afternoon, I was sitting at my desk answering questions, when I started to get these flashing colored triangles in my vision. (If this were a computer game, my HUD would be trying to tell me something like "incoming enemies!", but alas, I don't have one in real life). The small mob of flashing colored triangles formed up, and started marching outward in a line, expanding their perimeter sideways. This was really rather alarming. I've never had flashing triangles before, and so all sorts of perilous, fatal, or just blindness-inducing things started leaping to mind.

So I asked zephyr class help, which, as it knows everything, thought this was "visual migraine", and then, slightly later, "shimmering scotoma". Now, these I can look up on Google in a way that "flashing triangles" is not so helpful. Yes. That. Whew. "Migraine" is just an annoying word, not a terrifying word. And then after that I got a headache, extra-confirming the diagnosis. I've never been so happy to get a headache.

Someone's flash animation of a visual migraine. Mine wasn't this bad. :)
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