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So, due to running out of yarn a few rows from the end (augh!) of my current knitting project, it seemed time to do some smaller catch-up projects. Fixed chenoameg's sock, knit the widget ilhander wanted, decided maybe it was time to put together one of the unpieced sweaters that has been sitting, unpieced, for years. (I hate sewing things together. So sweaters for me never get all the way finished. It's stupid...) Anyway, due to the sitting for years, there was some dust. And then I started sniffling. So it was clearly an allergic-to-dust reaction, and I went on a rampage through the bedroom, vacuuming and dusting and airing things out. But I was still sneezy and sniffly. Argh! Bah! Cursed dust! Why did it gather in the bedroom - just to torment me?

Anyway, it eventually became clear that it isn't dust, I'm just coming down with a cold. And though that seems equally annoying, it makes me much less angry. Weird. :)
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