First Frost of Autumn (firstfrost) wrote,
First Frost of Autumn

1776 random bits

So, chenoameg has already reviewed the Lyric 1776, so I'll just mention two anecdotes.

During intermission, I headed to the bathroom. The bathroom upstairs had a very long line, as did the one downstairs. So after the men's room appeared to have cleared out, I asked the last gentleman to leave if there was anyone inside. He said no, there wasn't, so I dashed into that one. When I emerged, I discovered that he had been Guarding The Door, which I had not at all expected. Aww. (Of course, that meant I wasn't starting a revolution of all the women in line to borrow the other bathroom, because then everyone else would have been taking advantage of this gentleman to guard them too, which would seem unfair...)

There was an "opening party" reception at a restaurant afterwards, which half our group went to. (As free food went, it was good, but it didn't serve very well to impress me with the spiffiness of the restaurant to lure me into returning later for dinner.) Anyway, I'm the one who has the job of actually talking to an actor when tirinian identifies them on the subway, so I managed to be brave enough to tell the actor playing Franklin (J.T., but I don't have my program now) that I was glad he got to sing instead of just sound old, and that he was now my favorite Franklin ever. He said that was the nicest thing he'd been told yet, and gave me a Franklin button! I am now a partisan!
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