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Apple 2, Laura 0 - Qualified Perceptions
Apple 2, Laura 0
See previous day's adventure for part 1 of this.

I start up the computer in the morning, and think "okay, maybe I'll sync for another couple hours." Lo, and connecting the ipod makes the mysterious updater program reappear - it says I can update the firmware. Yay!

I start doing so. It says "Cannot unmount ipod", gets about 2/3 of the way through, and then hangs. No more progress on the install bar for fifteen minutes. No more drive noises from either the laptop or the ipod. No way to abort.

Eventually, I decide maybe trying again will get further. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the damned program is - I only know it appears on connection after a reboot. I try this.

Well, now I have an ipod that refuses to say anything other than "connect me!" and a computer that can't detect that it's connected. I found the updater program, but it won't do anything because it says the ipod isn't connected.

Next step is to see if the original CD is any more use, but I am not optimistic about this ipod-isn't-connected part.

Current Mood: distressed distressed

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