First Frost of Autumn (firstfrost) wrote,
First Frost of Autumn

Good things, bad things

  • I stayed at home sick Tuesday through Thursday. Bleah.
  • But I'm better (some, mostly) now!
  • And I had waffles with rosemary caramel sauce to subsist on! Waffles courtesy harrock, rosemary sauce courtesy kelkyag, who is clearly an angel of - are there angels of waffle toppings? There must be. (Perhaps other people think it's an ice cream topping. When I'm sick, all I want to eat are waffles.)
  • I finished Bookworm Adventures! (Best word: dandelion)
  • The only-three-treasures restriction annoyed me.
  • In other UI complaints, what sort of a noodleheaded adventure game won't start unless you have CD 1 in, but won't load your later-CD savegame until you switch to that CD? Surely the load-a-saved-game function is not so vast as to not fit on multiple CDs?
  • The art project for rifmeister turned out not at all as envisioned. Both supplies betrayed me, though my artistic technique seems to have been adequate.
  • The way it did turn out is possibly still interesting enough to use. I'll have to think about it.
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