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Roderick 1, Laura 1, Apple 3 - Qualified Perceptions
Roderick 1, Laura 1, Apple 3
Well, as of last night, I had an ipod that had about half my music on it, and it would see the boughten songs. Big step up. Unfortunately, it was also syncing at a painfully slow rate (everything's going over wireless from the desktop to the laptop). So I left it to run while I went to bed. Okay, okay, stupid, I know. But it's always turned itself off gracefully when I listen to it and it runs out of power.

Now I have an ipod with no songs on it at all, that itunes can't see. Time to see if reinstalling helps any.

I know, I have a Windows machine. But I don't hate Macs. My first computer was an Apple II+. I say nice things about Macs. There's no reason for them to be so vindictive towards me.

In other news, here's a sock. This is the first Opal sock-of-the-months that I'm trying (though it's not the Opal that the pattern came with). I like the cables, they're big and buff and fun.

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